Strange Brew- Winner of 12 Austin Music Awards including 2015/16 BEST SOUND, BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE, BEST VENUE TO PLAY & BEST BOOKER (Kacy Crowley) -  Austin Chronicle - Austin Music Awards

"Strange Brew is one of the hippest spots in the country and one of the best sounding venues we play.  We love coming here and performing for such appreciative and exciting audiences.  Scott and everyone at Strange Brew are a delight to work with.  This is a relationship we want to continue for a very long time!" -Nick Hilscher, Music Director, The Glenn Miller Orchestra 

"It has all the right things going for it at once: the sound, the atmosphere, the dedication to the music, the overall vibe. The community that has formed around it is a true blessing.” -Collin Gilmore 

"The energy in the dimly lit room was palpable, the sound warm and pristine, and there were lots of familiar faces in the crowd" -Tiffany Walker, Lone Star Music Magazine 

"Singer-songwriter’s haven - an amazingly comfortable place to play songs when you want an audience to listen...” -Matt the Electrician 

"In the tradition of the classic songwriter rooms like The Bluebird in Nashville, Strange Brew is a gift to the music community in Austin, for artists and audiences alike" -Christopher Cross 

"Strange Brew is the most happening place in South Austin.I have different guests every week and they have come from as far away as New York , Louisiana and California. They all say the same thing: 'When can I come back?'" -Ernie Durawa, Texas Tornados

"I finally made it home." -Jeff Plankenhorn 

"If these walls could talk, they wouldn't, they would listen." -Kevin Russell of Shinyribs & The Gourds 

"Few places across Austin can be a jack of all trades like Strange Brew and do it so well." -Dustin Vegas, 

"The only thing I don't like about Strange Brew is that I don't play there every night." -Kevin McKinney 

"Not only is it one of the best sounding rooms in Austin, but the love of music and thoughtfulness toward the musicians themselves from Strange Brew, the entire staff is beyond incredible. I don't know how we ever existed without it." -Noëlle Hampton (The Belle Sounds) 

"My favorite listening-room, maybe ever in the history of the world. Hot coffee and a Silence sign...everything I require." -Jon Dee Graham 

"Strange Brew offers a slice of old Austin like back in the days of the Armadillo. It's a real treasure!" -Debbie Cobalis, Music Lover 

 "Strange Brew is one of my favorite listening rooms in Austin. Great vibe, great sound, and great artists." -Gina Sigillito, Ginaraq PR 

 "So many great artists love Strange Brew that I had to audition just to get a quote on the website." -John Pointer 

"Strange Brew... If you haven't been, you can borrow one of my shoes to kick your own butt." -John Pointer 

"Quality sound on stage and in the house, a staff that treats you like family, and an old Austin music-loving-community-vibe...Strange Brew is doing everything right." -Seela 

"Among the many bars and clubs that come and go, this is the type of place you pray will stay around forever to become legendary. Great sound, a sweet staff, and most importantly it seems to attract a caring crowd of music-seekers who are there to make musicians feel like what they're doing is truly special." -Suzanna Choffel 

 "Musician friendly + good sound + righteous grub + efficient happy staff + B3 + Lindsey Fishel + vibe + PARKING = GOOD TIMES for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Strange Brew is all that and more." -Dony Wynn 

"Strange Brew is admired by musicians and audience members alike. If you are into clear, crisp vocals, and vibrant acoustic guitar tone, this is the place for you. They even have a sign hanging above the stage that reads "Please Observe Silence". It truly is a 'listening room'" -John Neilson 

"Best venue in South Austin for live shows!" -Jaime Safianow, Music Lover 

"Love the intimate setting to see my favorite bands!" -Julie Hellickson, Music Lover 

"Great job supporting the music scene and kudos on the sound quality - always good" -David White, Music Lover 

"Best acoustic listening room in town. The musicians are awesome." -Lori Garrigus, Music Lover 

"I've played the brew.....A whole lotta times! I feel as comfortable there as I do my own music room at the house !" -Tony Scalzo - Fastball 

"The room has a great vibe, the sound is fantastic, and it’s a listening room but it’s not too precious – it’s laid back. Strange Brew has risen above the ruckus of the rest of the venues in Austin because it’s run by people with a love and respect for great music and musicians." -Charlie Faye 

"The South Austin Moonlighters are music lovers first and foremost.  Strange Brew Lounge Side IS for music lovers.  So what better place to share the joy of our music to?  No other place like it in Austin Texas; The Live Music Capitol of The World.  SBLS is quickly becoming our favorite place to perform."  -Lonnie Trevino Jr, The South Austin Moonlighters 

"Great Music, vibe, people, coffee, hospitality, real estate, Quiche: that savoury ham cheese custard that MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Must fight traffic to get there NOW!!!!" -Alex Ruiz, The Night Mothers 

"Strange Brew feels like every musician's living room. Easy, personal, and perfect sounding. Except maybe better because you don't have to make your own sandwiches." -George Reiff 

"Strange Brew is the real deal.  This place is a magnet for unique world class musicians.  They can back it all up with a good sound system and sound engineers that allow this talent to shine true in the room. This city needs Venues like this.  Strange Brew has a lot of mojo. Creative spaces are so important to me. Thank you SB!" -Sally Allen 

"Music is the center of my life and I plan on having a forever relationship with you. Thank you for all that YOU DO and for having such an amazing place to play. Everyone loves you." -William Harries Graham 

"I think Strange Brew just made my top 5 listening rooms in the country. It's a down right serious room with excellent sound. Can't wait to play it again next Sunday!" -John Evans 

"My favorite music room in Austin, Texas. As a performer the sound and presentation are simply impeccable, as an audience member there isn't a bad seat and you are instantly welcomed as part of a family of folks who have come for the music, great, honest music. Strange Brew Lounge Side and the staff are a true jewel in the crown of live music in Austin,Texas!" -Michael O'Connor 

"I grew up with Clifford Antone. I remember countless times sitting in his office listening to him talk about the music he loved, blues. He was so passionate, and Antone's became what it was because of that. Scott Ward has that same enthusiasm. He is a huge music fan, and consequently his venue is imbued with that culture. Everyone that works there is friendly and seems to be excited to be there. There is a sense of purpose that makes the people that come through the door feel like they are doing something special."  -Ian Moore 

"The PA and sound people are both impeccable, and I know that when I stand on the stage I feel elevated, and I think my performance is indeed better. It has become the hang spot for many of the best players in Austin, and as the town shifts into a new identity (lots of cool things happening, but a much faster pace) Strange Brew carries on the Austin tradition that helped put the city on the map" -Ian Moore 

Strange Brew- 2012/13 -Best New Club & Best Acoustic Venue 2013/14 Best Acoustic Venue, Best All Ages Venue & Best Live Music Venue -SXSW Austin Music Awards 

 "The Glenn Miller Orchestra votes Strange Brew, Lounge Side: Best Gig Ever because Scott goes above and beyond to treat bands well and it's a really cool room." -The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra

"Strange Brew is a remarkable place where remarkable things happen." -Jon Dee Graham

"Austin, this is such a treasure. If you don't frequent Strange Brew, you are missing some of this towns most beautiful musical treasures" -Wendy Colonna