ATTENTION! If you would like to book a show at Strange Brew, please adhere to these requests. 1. If at all possible, please do not book a show anywhere near Strange Brew for 1 week before or after the date at Strange Brew, if you have a show booked at another venue, let us know so we can determine whether or not we want to book you around that show. 2. Strange Brew advertises in the Austin Chronicle, Facebook and KDRP Radio. However, this is not enough. We expect to be listed on your website as well as your Facebook page and or Facebook events. We know you can choose to book wherever you like, but we have found that if we work as a team, the results are always better for both of us. Do not think you can rely on our promotional efforts alone. We can't force anyone to adhere to this requests, however we reserve the right to not book you again.

We are unable to answer all of the booking request as there are 100's of them, if you do not hear back from us try again, if you still don't hear back from us it is a good sign we don't feel your act is a good fit for our venue. Don't take it personal, it's business.

Strange Brew, Lounge Side is an award winning music venue and maintains the highest quality sound possible, with professional sound engineers, quality equipment and friendly staff. Our stage features a Hammond A100- B3 organ and a Leslie Speaker, Roland RD700nx Piano, Fender Blues Jr amp, Fender Hot Rod 3 amp as well as a Yamaha Drum kit, minus snare and cymbals.

Due to an overwhelming desire from bands to play at Strange Brew, our response to you may be delayed for weeks. Please be patient.

Strange Brew LOGO Click to save. After the image opens, right click on the image and save to your computer. To be used for promotional purposes. Do not skew or change the shape or modify this logo in any way. 258 KB

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